TUESDAY 01-14-2014

Jan 14, 2014 -- 3:26pm

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Shouldn't they instead read "SUPPORT OUR STUDENTS"? Afterall, the students are the REAL victims of the unionrized government education complex. If you're supporting teachers, you're truly supporting a sclerotic, unionized bureaucracy with the power to force you to support it. (Via the government guns)

The whole government system can noy nr trgotmrf, snf must be abandoned. Responsibility for education should be taken away from the state. It is far too important a task to be left to the tender mercies of tenure, and globalist, government-worshipping agendas. Government always wants control of this institution in order to foster obedient, pliant dupes.

But why should we worry? We're #44!! We're #44!! FOUR SPOTS IN FRONT OF COMMIEFORNIA!!


6:35 Dr. John Muney is the founder of AMG Medical Group. He is a respected surgeon who founded AMG on the basis of providing high quality healthcare at an affordable cost to the many deserving people living without it. Perhaps their $89/month healthcare plan will catch on!.

7:10 State Rep. Sal Esquivel, discussing the Columbia River Crossing issue, sure to be tackled in the Februrary session.

7:35 Neomi Ray, Constitutional law expert and professor at George Mason University School of Law, comments on the arguments made yesterday in the controversial NLRB case, whether the President overstepped his authority as the Senate was not in recess when he acted, what this could mean going forward regarding Executive Branch powers, and the impacts on the NLRB and past rulings which could be voided if the Supreme Court upholds the appeals court decision.

8:10 "Paleo-Libertarian" WND Columnist and famed author Ilana Mercer. Today Ilana and I kick around how the War on Drugs destroys property rights. Even though i'm concerned about the libertine push of many on pot legalization, it's important to make the case for self-ownership, and property ownership, all of which suffer under such laws. Ilana is also author of the excellent "Into The Cannibal's Pot", Lessons for American from post-Apartheid South Africa. More info and her latest blog and articla postings at IlanaMercer.com.

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