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Jun 13, 2014 -- 3:55pm

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Here are pictures from the Earl Harris house in Ashland. He died Tuesday after being shot by two Sheriffs deputies over an eviction dispute. If you look closely, you can see his walker in the window. Someone left behind a message, too. (Pics courtesy of Greg Roberts)

According to JCSO, Harris came out of his room with a shotgun, and is plugged by sheriffs deputies.

Questions I have:

1) Do we no longer wait anyone out? Is our default law tactic when encountering an uppity 74-year old geezer to strap on the armor, roll the SWAT team, and exert authority?

2) The flag flown upside reports it as "Anti-government views". (From the Mail Tribune Story) 

Winters described Harris as "anti-government," and said one indicator of that sentiment was his flying of the American flag upside down on his property.

"It's America, you're free to do that, but ... we are a land of laws," Winters said.

However, flying the flag  upside-down isn't disrespectful, it's a sign that there is an extreme threat to life and/or property.

Given the outcome, one could forgive Mr. Harris's flag flying. It sure was a threat to HIS life and property.

Please understand, I'm not throwing JCSO under the bus here, but it looks to me as if there was no attempt taken to de-escalate tension. Once you follow the guy into his home, the die is cast. In our hopped-up law enforcement world, it was certainly unwise of Mr. Harris to take this route.

Harris was arguably a crank, but is this the only way to handle cranks?

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6:35 Dan Gainor, Culture and Media Institute at, and we discuss the importance of fathers in the culture.

7:35 State Senator Alan Bates

8:10 Dave Dotterer, challengeing Bates for the Senate seat.


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