THURSDAY 10-11-2012 Doug Breidenthal talks abiout the Reno, NV Sheriffs event, what it means for the county. other guests, Lena Prima, Rich Noyes, and Will Reishman

Oct 11, 2012 -- 2:18pm

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REMINDER - Jeffrey Smith, author of "Seeds of Deception" and "Genetic Roulette" speaks TONIGHT, 7:30  at Central Medford High School. (The Old So. Medford) Topic is Genetically Modified Organisms,  crops, etc. Cost is $20 at the door. More Info at

REMINDER #2 for SATURDAY - Join the big "Restore America Rally" and get out the vote event this Saturday, 2pm at Twin Creeks Crossing in Central Point. (Where the Battle of the Bones was in summer) All the local GOP candidates are there, I'll MC. Lots of music and fun!

INTERESTING LOOK OF THE DAY - Larken Rose, always good at putting the "need for government" in perspective.,


6:35 Rich Noyes,, and the AP bias via the controversial Mitt Romney/Schoolgirl photo.

7:10 Doug Breidenthal, GOP candidate for county commissioner, discusses what he learned at the National Constitutional Sheriffs Association seminar earlier this week. It's all about taking control back of public lands, and stopping rabid enviro lawsuits, and getting some folks back at work in the woods.

7:35 Lena Prima, daughter of the late singer, band leader, actor Louis Prima. Lena performs this weekend at the Medford Jazz Festival.

8:10 Will Reishman, Strategic Financial, we kick around some financial news and GMO event tonight, too, sponsored by Jackson County Local Action Coalition.

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