WEDNESDAY 11-14-2012 - Topics include the Cherry Creek deal, Petraeus, Crimestoppers, state school financing, too.

Nov 14, 2012 -- 1:37pm

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MORE ABOUT THOSE "SECESSION PETITIONS"... has a number of citizen-generated petitions getting attention, as more than a half million Americans have signed various state petitions asking to peacefully secede from the U.S. Now these aren't STATES asking to be let out, only citizens of these states.  No, it won't go anywhere, but it does show secession talk is definitely on the minds of many.

A twist on the issue is "Do we really have the right to secede"? To me it's self-evident, Abe Lincoln's war against Southern Independence notwithstanding.  No one has the duty to submit to tyranny. But what of the LEGAL right? Eric Turkewitz at the  New York Personal Injury Attorney Blog, (Hat Tip to the posts a story about how his screenwriter brother got an answer out of Justice Antonin Scalia regarding secession.  Here is the alleged response:


Of course, Scalia is right, insofar as how D.C. Inc would look at any state wishing to leave peacefully. This is why secession movements, if they were to occur, happen after a successful shooting war, or the fis

cal and effective collapse of the central government. I know he's praised as a god, but Lincoln's war really did destroy the republic. There is no right to anything, unless you can defend it from the tyranny-enforcers.


6:35 Victoria Toneson - former Chief Counsel for the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence and former Deputy Assistant Attorney General, U.S. Department of Justice, where among other assignments she created the anti-terrorism section. She is a founding partner of diGenova & Toensing. Here's her Fox News Op-Ed piece concerning troubling questions at Benghazi. More of Victoria's Op-Eds are HERE.

7:35 Lieutenant Budreau with Crimestoppers

8:10 State Rep. Richardson talking the next session, school funding.

8:45 BUSINESS INTERVIEW - Goldsmith's Diamonds and Design, 606 Cr Lk Avenue, big bargains on a couple of loose diamonds, Natalie and David Porter discuss David's custom design work, and the artistry involved.

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