FRIDAY 11-16-2012 Good conversation on the secession, Petraeus testifies, Fiscal Cliff, Low income housing "Deal" gets done

Nov 16, 2012 -- 9:27pm

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I'm disappointed that the Medford City Council approved the Cherry Creek Compromise last night. 4-3 vote. Councillors Michaels, Blair, and Gordon voted no. My gut tells me that this decision to allow 50 low-income housing units at Cherry Creek, and then swap some 2 acres of park land there for a nice commercial lot downtown. On that downtown lot the Housing Authority of Jackson County will be able to build another 50 units downtown, along with 30,000 square feet of retail. The city attorney says this deal will save money and prevent 5 years of lawsuits. I have a better way to have avoided the lawsuit - Reopen HAJC's application for the development at Cherry Creek, then follow the law, and either approve it legally, or reject it legally. Enough of these secret backroom legal deals.

Only one person spoke last night expressing opposition to the deal. Perhaps folks are so used to backroom deals and influence-peddling around here that they feel there's no use fighting it. I hope that changes. This deal can still be unwound if the appraisales of the swapped properties are too far apart. For the sake of the taxpayers, I hope that's what happens.

Worth hearing and seeing every minute...

"Hostess Shrugs"

A union strike threat kills "Twinkie the Kid". The Hostess company decides to shut down, the brand names will be sold off, more than 18,000 out of work. In Bill's world, every worker who voted to strike, would be stripped of unemployment and other brought it on yourself. Hey, we're told "Elections have consequences".

Still, the economic illiteracy of a typical American worker never fails to astound me. I read an account of one former Hostess worker saying "They kept cutting, kept cutting, kept cutting, and we couldn't take it no more". Cutting positions, as Hostess did, isn't a company selling a lot of product and making money. Many workers today act as if a company's first job is to pay for jobs. Nope, the jobs are provided to generate the product or service which generates the profit needed to pay for salaries, benefits, marketing, and R&D.


6:35 Dan Gainor from the Business and Media Institute of the MRC. Networks blame GOP 16 times more often for "Fiscal Cliff".

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