FRIDAY 11-23-2012

Nov 23, 2012 -- 6:49pm

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THE GOP NEEDS TO "MODERATE"? (not around here)

So the Mail Tribune editorial today (11/23) presents the case that the Oregon GOP needs to "moderate" its message in order to win statewide elections. Meanwhile, southern Oregon voting patterns tell a different story - that the Democratic party needs to "conservative-up" to get votes here. What it really means is there are two Oregons, with two very different ways of looking at governance. It is ultimately better to admit this truth, and peacefully break Oregon into smaller states with truly common interests. Northern Oregon could be as progressive as it wants, while southern and eastern Oregon can go a different direction. All would happier, and properly represented.

The people cry out for smaller, more human-scaled political regions. They will eventually get them. The current bloated mega-states with rural constituencies dominated and crushed by larger urban liberal areas are fiscal "dead men walking".

I went shopping Thursday night and some on Friday morning. Very peaceful, genial crowds. (Another reason we love southern Oregon)

And then there are "other" places...

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