TUESDAY 12-04-2012 Guests include Paul Prinsen - European Concentration Camps, Rep. Sal Esquivel, Roy Wright on real estate, and Rich Noyes analyzing the "Costas Controversy"

Dec 04, 2012 -- 2:06pm

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6:35 Rich Noyes - Media Research Center, analysis on the Costas Anti-Gun tirade.

7:10 Roy Wright - 773-2006 - The real estate recovery continues in the Rogue Valley.

7:35 State Rep. Sal Esquivel with news that "knife control" is working its way through many state legislatures.

8:10 - Guest is Paul Prinsen

UNSPEAKABLE HORROR - Today I had the privilege of interviewing Paul Prinsen of Eagle Point, whose aunts, Dora and Titia Holter, were in the Dutch resistance during WWII. The women died in Ravensbruck Women's Prison in 1944, during the chaos and fall of Germany. The following are some of the pictures Paul took of various concentration camps he visited earlier this year while travelling in France and Germany.

The gate at Natzweiler Concentration Camp near Berlin

Here's a shot of the gas chamber building

Interior of the gas chamber

They would fill the above device with rocks, and force you to push it back and forth, often until death.

(Destruction by labor)

Here's the Natzweiller Crematorium and Medical Experiments Building.


A view of one crematorium at Natzweiler


Here's a V-2 rocket engine in the workshop beneath Dora-Mittleban camp


Another "destruction" stone at the Ravensbruck Women's concentration camp - Pull the

rock back and forth until you drop. (This is the camp where Paul's aunts died.)


Restraint chair used for inmate beatings

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