WEDNESDAY 02-13-2013 - Guests include Sabrina Schaeffer from, Honor Flight of Oregon, State Rep. Dennis Richardson on the session and Columbia River Crossing.

Feb 10, 2013 -- 5:37pm

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This one by Larken Rose, it's titled "The Jones Plantation"

It's important to see the "mind control garbage" spewed by the system, for what it is. It's designed to enslave you, without you thinking that you're enslaved. Brilliant, really, but it's time for truth.


6:35 Sabrina Schaeffer, Executive Director of the Independent Womens Forum. Good conversation on how last night's state of the union was "A Box of Chocolates".

7:10 Gail Yakopatz from “Honor Flight of Southern Oregon”. They have an event coming up at Tinsletown on Feb 25th. They will be showing a documentary of a trip back to Washington DC to the WWII memorial with a group of veterans from Wisconsin. They need to have 80 reserved seats minimum by Feb 14th, tomorrow, to guarantee the screening of the film will happen. Sign up at or call 541-955-4544.

Here's a trailer:

7:35 Lt. Budreau and Crimestoppers

8:10 State Rep. Dennis Richardson discusses the session in Salem, the Columbia River Crossing status.

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