THURSDAY 02-21-2013 Guests are Sheriff Mike Winters, Constitutional Scholar Dr. Edwin Vieira Jr., and James Valvo with Americans for Prosperity

Feb 21, 2013 -- 5:38am

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This has been around for a while, but it's a great reminder of why we fight "The State", this concept that everything you do is to be owned, regulated, taxed, required, or prohibited by a 3rd party gang.  Kentucky Senator Rand Paul eloquently defends TRUE choice. 


6:35 James Valvo, Americans for Prosperity. They're pushing for letting the sequester spending cuts "Just Happen". ( I agree) See how our Oregon congress critters score on spending issues on

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7:10 Jackson County Sheriff Mike Winters discusses the potential 66 layoffs in the Sheriffs department, what this means for public safety, and why it's happening.

7:35  Constitutional Scholar Dr. Edwin Vieira Jr., author of "The Sword and Sovereignty: (Get More Book Info) The Constitutional Principles of the Militia of the several States. We talk about the 2nd amendment, why it's so mis-interpereted, and how to restore the TRUE "Constitutional Militia", which the 2nd amendment supports. Dr. Vieira talks with me through the 8am hour, too.

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